Windows in iPhone5!!!

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”- we all remember this famous quote by Steve Jobs… The uncontrolled rivalry among Microsoft and Apple has come to a culmination- iWindows is coming to support iPhone5! 

The announcement was made by Ellen Doppler, Apple’s PR spokesperson on her private blog two hours ago…

Stealing the CORE product from the main GIANT competitor… is somewhat more than risky! But Apple spokeswoman claims in her article posted today, that no legal problems will arise, as they have everything under control and are not doing anything against the law(?!) From retrospective, Steve really appeared to be a great artist …!

No comments have been made from Microsoft’s side yet- sometimes ignorance is the best way out… Neither responded Google- Android device will definitely be in trouble as the best OS in the best device is something one and all would like to have!!!

It’s true that the banks don’t like beards, but will Bill like iWindows?! …. The details of iWindows are not public yet, but it’s obvious that “there may be a few... similarities…” 

Our team works in 24/7 regime after this announcement, so keep tracking, we will keep you informed!!!  

Truly Incredible, Phenomenal, Stunning……..


Kelly said...

Time will tell. As a person who does not rush out and get the latest and greatest phone, I will find out. Soon enough. I just hope the iphone cases will stay the same.

That is what I don't like. Since I like changing my cases out, I like having my cases with my phone.

mashhood said...

hahahha....its kinda joke...

iPhone 4 cases said...

No no and no. Please keep these as far away from the iPhone 5 as possible..


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