Apple is The World’s Most Valuable Brand!

The Apple brand is valued at $153.3 billion dollars, according to the just-released WPP 2011 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, the definitive annual study of brand value. Apple’s brand value increased 84 percent last year, according to the study, which is produced by Millward Brown Optimor, a WPP company. The Top 100 overall increased by 17 percent to $2.4 trillion last year.

The Apple brand increased by 959 percent since 2006, when WPP launched the BrandZ Top 100 study. In culminating its remarkable ascent, Apple displaced Google as Number 1 in brand value worldwide. The Apple brand value today is roughly equivalent to the combined value of the Coca Cola and McDonald’s brands.

The BrandZ Top 100 study is based on WPP’s BrandZ database, which contains information from more than 2 million in-depth consumer interviews in 30 countries. This proprietary data is combined with rigorous analysis of financial performance. The brand value quantifies an intangible asset that confers irrefutable credibility as the Apple Corporation pursues its business strategies and innovative leadership.

The results also indicate how Apple and technology in general are reshaping our world, transforming both business practices and the lives of consumers:
  • One-third of the Top 100 Most Valuable Global brands are in technology.
  • Four of the Top 5 Most Valuable Global brands are in technology.
  • Facebook appeared for the first time among the Top 100 at Number 35.
  • Amazon surpassed Walmart as the world’s most valuable retail brand.
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Nathan said...

This isn't a suprise at all.

Apple make so many awesome products. Even when they do have an issue, they manage to turn it to marketing gold.

Rahul Aggarwal said...

Apple with its enormous assets has reached a sky high and has gone beyond just the PC applications. The new generation wireless adaptability facility is truly an Apple contribution. Surpassing google is not a shock to me.

ipad application development said...

Increase the popularity and brand value of Apple day by day and that's why become a world's most valuable brand.

gadget and smartphone said...

yes, im agree, Apple is The World’s Most Valuable Brand!

Mubina said...

Been reading your blog for a few days, good post man! Congratz, i still like Apple.

Angie said...

Its true. From April 1, 1976, with the release of the Apple I, and incorporated the company. Now in 2011 Look where apple stands. NO words for apple and its products.

Unlocking the Iphone said...

I strongly agree with you. Apple products one of the best mobile brand in US. I like so much apple mobiles.

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I agree with you. I also believe and trust Apple Iphone in US.
Nowadays Apple's iphone is best one for customers.
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iPhone 5 said...

Apples brand name is worth so much. Apple dominates the technology market especially with their mp3 players.

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Apple is the no 1 brand there is no doubt on this. According to the recent news apple company now richer than usa gov...I read this at yahoo blog.


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