Will It Rain Today???

One more iPhone app, this time about weather, and this time for free! Will It Rain Today is a Brazilian app that answers the question "Will it rain today?" The answer can be YES, NO or MAYBE! 

The main PoD of the app is that it allows users to upload the images on the website and the result will be calculated according to an uploaded image. Users can upload weather status images by just registering using Facebook or Twitter accounts on the application website. Do not miss the chance to know whether the weather will defect you or not! With this app you’ll always be dressed appropriately, even in the circumstances of ever-changing spring!


Anonymous said...

Very simple interface -- our local weatherman predicted it would NOT rain today; the app predicted it WOULD! Looking at the ominous clouds overhead, I think the app wins! =))


Anonymous said...

its wonderful

Anonymous said...

I tested the app, 8 of 10 days the prediction was incorrect!! this app is not worth its price, although it's free :)


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