Cheaper iPhone 4?

An inexpensive version of iPhone 4, featuring only 8 GB of memory, is lined up to hit the market within few weeks. Presently, the iPhone 4 is obtainable with either 16 or 32 GB of storage space, and at a relatively high price. 

Even though particulars are limited, this news seems to be unlike the rumors demanding that Apple is planning to release an ominously cheaper and pared down version of the iPhone. Sources, who are tied to Korean manufacturers that create parts for the iPhone, only indicate the compact storage memory in an otherwise standard iPhone 4, which will decrease the device’s price but is doubtful to provide for a drastic price cut. It is also claimed that the iPhone5 will be introduced at the end of September. But note that the launch date of iPhone 5 has been manipulated with more than ever in the device’s history.


Brett Eliot said...

I am bit confused that is iPhone market is facing problems due to HTC smartphones? now HTC is launching HTC omega with radar feature will it be a hit to iPhone market?


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