IPhone 4S voice problems

Since iPhone4S has been released, the user opinion has divided into two - some of them are extremely happy but others have endless problems. The new trouble linked to the phone is about SIRI. People are complaining of being unable to access service at a time.

SIRI used to have trouble in accessing the network but it only lasted for minutes. Now the only answer it can give is: “I am sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network.”  However, the problem has not occurred for every user, but it still is timely.

Beside SIRI trouble, the users cannot hear the person “on the other end of the wire” during some calls. But it can be fixed by plugging in a headset or pressing the mute button twice or by disabling SIRI.
Is it software bug or a hardware problem, is still obscure.


Mike S. said...

I think this problems come becouse they did not test the new phone enough. Until now iPhone = "it is working without problems" but now 4s is becoming like the rest of the phones witch are not working as it should be.


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