Some surprise for you under iOS5

One reason why people prefer chatting in internet than sending messages via mobile phone is that they use some characters available for internet only. With some symbols they express their emotions better and talking with friends is not boring and ‘black and white’. While sending text messages from your phone, you should utterance your feelings with some punctuation marks’ help. For those, who have iOS5 operating system, that all is behind.

Most people did not know that iPhone had a feature, called EMOJI. In your iOS5 settings, you can find it in “general” menu, under “keyboard.” See there a prompt for “international keyboards” and then “EMOJI.”

With EMOJI’s help you can widen your message visually. Distinguished from emotions, it does not depict only facial expression and body posture. There you can find hundreds of illustrated icons that cartoon everything from foods to flags to animals to plants, etc. For example instead of texting “I’m in the bus,” you can just show a picture of a bus. Some of the symbols are presented in animated form as well – repeating sequences of 2-4 images.

Is not this funny and nice? Has your mind about mobile text messages changed?


LocoCoyote said...

Very cool. It also works anywhere you can normally type text. This means you can "name" your iOS folders with a car icon for navigation apps, for example!

Just another example of how Apple pays attention to details.

h8ncars said...

I've been using Emoji 4years ago why is this news now ?

Sophia said...

It is a surprise on iOS5, because it's in-built. 4 years ago you may used the emoji app, but now it comes with iOS5 and you do not need to download. $ years ago you most probably didn't have iOS5.....


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