iPhone 5 Concept Video

Although, it’s only 3 months passed after releasing  of iPhone 4S,  people are already waiting  for a new phone from Apple. Rumors  about the new phone are endless and they never calm down.  As we know, physical design of the iPhone 4S  and 4 is similar to each other, but iPhone5 is expected to be completely different. Though, until a keynote speech we can never be sure about the final product.

As for now, a mock-up video has been spread which depicts re-imagined iPhone by totally removing the Home button. Author of the video is a designer Kris Groen who has shown us his vision about the new generation of Apple phone, his own concept design.

The most different thing in “Groen’s iPhone” is that it does not have Home button. Author of the design replaced the button with two separate Home buttons on each side of the handset, located midway up. Groen, based on a user experience point of view, believes that ‘squeezing’ both of the new Home buttons together would take you directly back to your Springboard. The new buttons would also allow for fast application switching when used individually.

Another important change is screen size of the phone, which is increased to whopping 4-inches diagonally with Retina display. Some people want the iPhone to be bigger; others think the current model has perfect screen size because anything bigger will be uncomfortable, just like other smartphones.

What about you? How do you feel about the concept? After seeing the video below do not hesitate to let us in comments.


Anonymous said...

Get ride of the side buttons. give te home button back, make it glow and make it a touch interface button. then it will look like an iphone, not a droid knock off

lucindahoney said...

I still like the iPhone 3 way better than the 4th one and this one as well. I think that the third one was more elegant, slim and just more cute in general. This one looks like it was cut out from a piece of stone or wood.
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