Apple’s New iCloud Harmony Ad

Apple has just released a new iCloud-themed commercial which has the clear purpose – show the advantages of their push and store network. The ad opens with an iPhone user tapping “Use iCloud” upon configuration a 4S, then buying an album. A set of sequences then begin, where the user performs an action on their iPhone and shows up on other devices.

During the commercial several things take place, e.g.:

  • Purchasing an album on iPhone and it appears on iPad and MacBook Air.
  • Taking a photo and it shows up on the both devices.
  • A user changes calendar and the change in applied on the other devices.
  • A user installs Flipboard and the application is downloaded to iPad automatically.
  • Creating a new contact on iPhone and it shows up on MacBook Air.
  • And : A user downloads books for iPhone which show up on iPad as well.

In a word, the commercial says that with iCloud the stuff you love is everywhere you need… Automatically!

Now take a look at the commercial!

P.S. It is interesting to note that only the iPhones initiate action in the commercial and no human is involved with the iPad or the Macs.


ayush kejriwal said...

amazing !!!!!! but will it be in itouch also????

or is it just for iphone 4s????


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