Foxconn Employees Working On iPhone 5

The recent reports from Chinese sources claim that after the successful release of the new iPad, Taiyuan Foxconn started building Apple iPhone5. However the factory is said to be experiencing the huge shortage of workers, and the sources cited that the shortfall reaches up to about 20,000 people. With this said the factory is recruiting people in an emergency mode.

One of the employees of Foxconn, Mr. Yu commented that the company employment gap is still large and the shortage mainly refers to the lack of shop front-line workers. Undoubtedly the iPhone 5 building project is the most important one for Foxconn. To solve the employee shortage problem Foxconn is said to even been using information bars, billboards, train station, bus handles and other public ads to attract the attention. Mr. Yu added that Foxconn has held more than 20 job fairs in order to produce the supposed 57 million iPhone 5 units demanded by Apple, which is the 85%of the order.

As for iPhone 5 itself, as usual, there are no details officially confirmed. But if you recall the numerous rumors about the next smartphone by Apple, here is what you should get as a result: expected to be released in October , just like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is rumored to be redesigned completely  – it is said to leak home button and feature larger display, while some claim that the screen size of the next iPhone will stay the same size. The rumors are endless, so we made an iPhone 5 rumor roundup  for you to decide what looks real and what is fake. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated about the matter as soon as we hear something worth mentioning.



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