New iPhone 4S Campaign Featuring Samuel L. Jackson And Zooey Deschanel

Using celebrity endorsements in marketing campaigns is somewhat unusual for Apple ads, as historically all of its TV commercials have had a tendency to to put the product front and center. With Siri, being the chief point of difference of iPhone 4S, requiring human voice to demonstrate its abilities, Apple decided to use some of the “best” humans in the new campaign - Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson!

Separate commercials that have recently popped up across TV networks Zooey and Samuel that demonstrate both actors holding quite natural conversations with iPhone voice assistant. The ads show how helpful and productive Siri can be in various situations, discussing everything from the measurement conversions to weather forecast.

One thing to note is that ads do promote iPhone careers as well, with a Zooey Deschanel iPhone carrying a Verizon logo and AT&T's logo appearing on Samuel L. Jackson’s iPhone 4S. As there is no mention of Sprint, we should expect the third celebrity appearing with a Sprint iPhone 4S in the Apple TV ad soon. Before then, enjoy the videos provided below and do not hesitate to have your say in the comments.



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