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Inside The Foxconn Factory- Can You Spot The New iPhone?

We don’t often feel lucky enough to be able to look inside Apple’s factories in China, but it seems today is our day – despite Apple being notoriously secretive about its upcoming products and working process, this rare and fascinating video demonstrates an assembly line in Foxconn Factory, which is in charge of the new iPhone manufacturing process.

With over 70% of Apple’s iPhones made in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant, where the video is captured, Terry Gou - Foxconn CEO, along with Chinese reporter took tour and enabled us to take the most extensive look at the working process ever! With over 115k workers the factory covers around 5.6 square kilometers in Zhengzhou. To be able to better show off the scope of Foxconn factory size, Terry Gou even took the reporter in a helicopter ride. The free area around the factory is said to be reserved for the further expansion of the plant. The whole factory is said to be dedicated to iPhone 4S and its display production, and the CEO says that his factory does it better than any of the manufacturers from the rest of the world. Later the motherboard area is shown off, with the ability to produce as many as 10 000 units a day!

The Administrator of the Civil Aviation Authority of China, Mr. Li Jiaxiang states that 70% of the production of the iPhone will go through the Zhengzhou plant this year as well, with over 200 tons of international cargo produced every day. With the endless buzz about the upcoming iPhone, many have started looking for the upcoming device in the background. Honestly, we have not found any evidence to prove that the devices demonstrated, or just accidentally spotted in the video are the upcoming ones, but we do hope in your smarter eyes – check out the video provided below (sorry, there is no translation) and have your say!