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iOS 6 Feature Wishlist

With the iOS release in last October, number of new features was introduced, including Siri, iCloud, iMessage and more… But now, as we’re several months ahead, it’s quite timely to list what we’d like to see in the next version of iOS Apple is likely to introduce at WWDC 2012 this summer.

One of the most wanted features would be an ability to read receipts on a per-contact basis, as we all have some important contacts and friends we’d like to reply as soon as possible. Once the users are not able to read the messages instantly once they’re received and therefore are unable to answer to them, it’s be nice if they were able to see if we’ve read their SMSs or not. This would eliminate conflicts, as well as annoying “why you haven’t replied” questions.

Another useful feature that’d make iOS experience smoother would be Siri APIs, meaning Siri to have the ability to complete in-App tasks. More concretely, it’d be nice if Siri could read out tweets or brief on project tasks due in Trello. In a word, it’d be nice if Siri was integrated in the third party apps.

And one more thing about integration- we do have Twitter functioning within iOS, but there is no Facebook yet. With all the hassle about the Facebook for iPhone app, the need for a devoted in-built app does exist, and it’s be quite useful to allow people to post photos and maybe even tag friends and manage albums within Photos app. 

Together with the Facebook integration, it’d be quite nice if iOS 6 bought notification center widgets, making it available to see not only weather and stocks at a glance, but some third party app notifications as well, maybe in a devoted widget form.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned as more dreamed feature lists are to come soon! Also, do not hesitate to express your opinion and share what you’d like iOS 6 to bring!