iPhone 5 PRO Concept – With 3D Camera And Detachable DSLR Lens

We’ve seen number of concept products thrown out by quite talented designers almost regularly. However none of them is steadied with any officially confirmed data. 

This said, as there is no set shape and capability areal for iPhone 5 communicated yet, that’s why we give ourselves the right to share whatever we think would really rock our socks and leave us drooling and pining at the same time.

In difference with the last concept demonstrated by us, this one provided by Choi Jinyoung reveals the concept product that will leave even the highest-end Canon and Nikon models far, far behind. We have already mentioned a 3D camera possibility in iPhone 5, but we have never dreamed of a gadget like the one demonstrated on the images below. So it’s time to free some time for dreaming! Check the pictures and do not hesitate to share your wishlist below in the comments:


Anonymous said...

Amazing <3

customizing web application development said...

I like the concept of the new iPhone more and more every day. If they realized in a new model everything they announce and everything that is rumoured to be in it, then it's going to be a bomb! It will be the best mobile device.


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