More iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

Recent reports delivered some more leaks of iPhone 5 parts, validating the speculations of the longer device. With the form factor remaining to be similar to iPhone4 and relatively, iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 leaked images demonstrate a microphone mesh replaced with a dotted composition. A micro USB connection port is again present, suggested to be a replace for the existing 30-pin socket in all upcoming iDevices.

Despite the fact that Apple has always been critical of copying, or at least following the trend of rivals, it now seems that the company has taken Android standards in mind. With the 3.5-inch display from the very first iPhone till today, the Fruit Company seems to change the traditional route towards the larger screen direction in its next generation device.

The thing to note is that the source who managed to grab and spread the leaked images is the one specializing in iDevice repairs, so we greatly suspect that this move is driven by own website promotion purposes, rather than unveiling, or at least predicting the next iPhone design or features. This assumption is strengthened with one more argument- the poor image quality and somewhat blurred objects...

Anyway, one thing gets obvious- the new iPhone will have a larger display. The question that remains unanswered is the exact size of the screen. Unless our assumption about the source website is right, more close-ups and detailed overviews are to come these days. Before then, enjoy the images provided below and do not hesitate to express your opinion on what the new iPhone may look like below in the comments.


Mak Qlex said...

It's look really very lovely let it be good happens can't wait for it.

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Big Boo said...

What sense does it make to put the headphone jack in the bottom do the phone ? That's awkward. But maybe the cord won't get in the way when taking pictures. I can't figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

I am liking the change of headphone jack being at the bottom, i always without fail put my phone upsidedown in my pocket. I am however not to pleased with the brushed aluminium, why use somthing that gets scratched so easily?? I have always had my iphone in a case, and always picky about gettin a hardcase but yet the bezal still gets scratched. I am not bothed about LTE, bigger display, and other battery eating technology, lets just hope they put a better battery in it first.


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