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Check If iOS And Mac Stores Are Available In Your Country

WWDC 2012 has not only been surprising because of the iOS 6 announcement, but Apple has also unveiled the list of the countries where the iOS and the Mac Stores go official. The list consists of 32 additional territories where now the new stores have gone live. The e-mail ahs been sent to the developers saying that apps will automatically be stocked in these countries once a new iOS Paid Applications or Mac OS X Paid Applications contract has been signed.

Scratched across the world, it is not just Europe where the stores went live. The newly added countries include Zimbabwe and Malawi in Africa and Asian countries such as Nepal and Mongolia too. For those unaware, below is the full list of new App Store territories. So check it carefully, maybe you’ll find your homeland there too.

• Albania
• Micronesia
• Benin
• Mongolia
• Bhutan
• Mozambique
• Burkina Faso
• Namibia
• Cambodia
• Nepal
• Cape Verde
• Palau
• Chad
• Papua New Guinea
• Congo
• Sao Tome e Principe
• Fiji
• Seychelles
• Gambia
• Sierra Leone
• Guinea-Bissau
• Solomon Islands
• Kyrgyzstan
• Swaziland
• Laos
• Tajikistan
• Liberia
• Turkmenistan
• Malawi
• Ukraine
• Mauritania
• Zimbabwe