iPhone 5 Confirmed To Use Liquidmetal Technology

Tom Steipp, CEO of the Liquidmetal Technologies has recently officially confirmed that Apple has certified the metallic glass material to be used in its products. However, Tom Steipp has not particularly stated that Cupertino-based Company is in works of preparing a product with Liquidmetal, but his remarks can definitely be regarded as a confirmation of Apple readying certain parts of its upcoming products right now. The statement reads: “Our technology has been commercialized in a number of accounts, most recently by Apple computer, which took a license on the product in August of 2010. Apple along with us is commercializing Liquidmetal in the consumer electronic space.”

There have been number of Liquidmetal iPhone 5 concepts showing up recently, but they’ve been lately discarded due to being non-credible. This time we have more evidences, just like the press release of the Liquidmetal Technologies spread right before the New iPad announcement back in March, which reads:
“Liquidmetal Technologies today announced that its manufacturing operations are currently in the midst of shipping commercial parts to several of its customers world-wide. Parts delivery began this past December with continuing shipments scheduled for the months ahead.”

However, according to Atakan Peker, one of Liquidmetal inventors, there is not enough manufacturing capacity and the facilities and the alloy itself aren’t mature enough yet for mass production, meaning that the concept is still years’ away to be materialized. However he deemed Apple’s special accrediting of the new material technology for casing and inclusions and said: “Such product will likely bring an innovative user interface and industrial design together, and will also be very difficult to copy or duplicate with other material technologies.”
So it seems that Apple has definitely got an amazing next iPhone to unveil anytime soon, at least in October. Stay tuned till then not to miss any important update.



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