New Lifelike iPhone 5 Images Emerge

According to the recent reports, the next iPhone will be shipping sometime from September or October. The Apple-swayed community has well and truly set its sights on the next iPhone, the images of which have leaked once more. The recent renders of forthcoming iPhone seem to be fairly realistic and quite spectacular indeed.

Along with the intensively-rumored 3.5" Retina display, the devices demonstrated on the images below features smaller dock connector, reserving additional space for more pressing updates, such as LTE cellular radio for example, which looks a certain inclusion. In difference with the current iPhone 4S the headphone jack will now be at the bottom of the device, similarly with the very first gen iPod touch. The repositioned headphone jack has been confirmed in numerous previous rumors as well.

So check the real-like images provided below and do not hesitate to make assumptions, yet we’re free to dream till October!


Xtreme said...

Unfortunately those pictures were already proven to be fakes a couple of days ago. Shame cuz they sure look good.


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