The Latest Siri Ad Demonstrates Martin Scorsese's Busy Day

Did you think Apple has done with its celebrity Siri ads? It’s not only Apple products starring in Hollywood movies, but Hollywood stars do take part in Apple ads, as well, including the Siri ads featuring John Malkovich , Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel

The latest ad by Apple demonstrating the usefulness of its digital voice assistant Siri features Martin Scorsese as an ordinary NYC yellow Taxi passenger. As the director heads downtown, he gets his virtual assistant to shuffle his schedule. 

Regardless the fact that the action is not captured, Martin Scorsese also uses Siri to check the traffic on his route – this emphasizes the improved functionality of providing accurate real-time data feature, brought by the yet unreleased iOS 6. Taking the numerous other improvements the latest iOS version brings into consideration, it is quite likely that more ads are to come, communicating the augmented capabilities of iProducts. As for now, enjoy The busy Day of Martin Scorsese provided below and do not hesitate to have your say in the comments!



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