New Video Concept For iPhone 5 Based On Leaked Parts – YouTube App Still Present

Folks over at TechRadar have taken each tiny piece of iPhone 5 leaked facts and put together a fairly elegant looking 3D render of the alleged device, presented in glorious full HD video. With the particular attention paid to the new dock connector design at the bottom of the device, along with the relocated headphone jack, the video demonstrates rather an innovative-looking device.

Despite the fact that those working on a video have tried their best to make a mock up as realistic as possible, there still is a great mistake that makes us think the video is just a concept that is quite far from being true:  a YouTube icon is still present (the first one in the second row at the home screen). For those unaware – the native YouTube app is missing in the iOS 6 Beta 4, released recently.

However, the rest is in order- the demonstrated device features a larger screen, is longer in size and both front and is suggested to be made with two-tone back brushed aluminum alloys. Check the video provided below and try not to be very sarcastic while expressing your opinion in the comments.



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