Apple Fans Respond To Samsung’s Assertive Ad Poking iPhone 5

Samsung Mobile USA has published an ad recently, with the tagline, saying: “It Doesn't Take A Genius.” The ad listed features of Samsung’s Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 head to head, demonstrating that the flagship device by Korean Giant beats Apple’s latest smartphone in terms of specs. However, it should be mentioned that the specifications were listed in the ad from very subjective perspective.

Apple fans, on the other side, have been quite quick to retort though, spreading the same style ad recently, with the tagline that reads: “Don’t Settle For A Cheap Plastic.” This one is definitely made from Apple’s (and perhaps the fair) point of view, and demonstrates those features that are present in iPhone 5, but are missing in Galaxy S III.

Moreover, there has been another response to Samsung’s insistent ad – the original one has been edited with the comments and the missing iPhone 5 features had been filled with the alternatives that serve the same functions but in different forms. Check both versions of Apple fans’ response attached and do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comments below!



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