Create Unique iPhone 5 3D Printed Cases With 3DPCase

We’re proud to introduce the winner of our Weekly Free App Poll  – 3DPCase by Sculpteo! As the name hints, this free app for iOS enables you to choose and customize your unique iPhone case with a range of parameters such as your profile, your localization or a personalized pattern.

3DPCase for iOS lets users to browse by the section tab bar along the bottom to find featured designs, ascertain designers, purchase and 3D print your stuff in a prompting manner. Adopting the app will let you discover one-of-a-kind design collection, developed by some of the world's best designers who have joined the Sculpteo to create 3D designs that you can now make your own! The collection of these unique designs is updated regularly and you’re even allowed to scroll through it and pick models that you want to co-design. You’re able to meet the designers that create your collection and discover some of their latest and most exciting projects using 3D printing via the 3DPCase app!

Moreover, you can even make 3D objects your own. To take the most of 3D design, Apple touchscreen and Sculpteo 3D printing technologies, the app allows you to create your own collection not only of iPhone cases, but to design your own personal Pixel Cup, your very personal Ego-Data mug,  or your Profile Vase!
Once you’ve picked up the desired design, you’re able to3D print it into ceramic, the new material. To make the 3DP experience more convenient for users, the app even allows you to easily order your personal design or buy it for a friend. 3DPCase even allows sharing options- to show off your creations via Twitter and Facebook and save them in your device. To learn more about the capabilities you gain by downloading 3DPCase app, click here.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad, 3DPCase By Sculpteo is available in the Apple App Store  for free and requires iOS 5.0 or later to be fully functional.

For Developers: To become the next winner of the weekly poll and see the review of your app on our blog, get started now, check out:


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know anything about differing quality of waterproof iPhone cases?? I am looking into Body Glove because they are cheap and seem pretty legit- would love to get a second-opinion!
Here is a link to their cases if you want to check ‘em out and let me know- thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this new company starting up in November called Domeo products. They make these awesome iPad cases that are unlike any cases I have seen before. The website builds iPad cases that are great for home or office use. The case I am looking forward to the most is the one that raises up to your eye level. It would be so great for cooking in the kitchen or office use. Like I said, this company does not launch until November, but I would highly recommend checking them out! They are so awesome! Can't wait! Definitely check out

Anonymous said...

There is a new company launching on November 5th called They are a company that makes iPad and iPad mini cases. I have seen a couple of pictures of them online, and they look awesome, but I was wondering what you guys thought about them? I need a new iPad case, and I was thinking about getting one of them. Thanks!

arvijon21 said...

I am looking into getting a new phone case for my iPhone, and I came across They have seem pretty cool cases, and they have some good discounts. I can get 20% off my order and free shipping if I use the code BG20UV. What do you guys think about them? Has anyone purchased one of their cases before?

Anonymous said...

My family just upgraded our cell phone plan last month and we all got smart phones now. I got my first case on Amazon and it was not very good. I felt like I could drop it at any moment and if I did the case wouldn't really protect it at all. But my friend showed me this website called bodyglovemobile and I've had one of their cases now for 2 weeks. I could not be more satisfied. Quality product.

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