Teaser For The Upcoming Angry Birds – Something Pig Is Coming!

Rovio, the creator of the legendary Angry Birds we all love to play, has recently released a thirty-two second video teaser, announcing the new installment for the popular game. With the title, saying that ‘something PIG is coming’, if the teaser is anything to go by, it seems Rovio is about to unveil another installment, probably bringing the phenomenal success just like the company has been enjoying with Angry Birds so far.

If you check the official website for the upcoming game, an innocent but rather naughty little red widely popular avian will meet you there. However, things change drastically when you click on the smug birdie – the pigs start flinging in a familiar manner on a not-so-angry bird! A number of green pigs falling from the sky to take over the screen makes us think that the roles are about to be reversed!!! We can now fairly expect the submissive pigs put in the catapult or a driving seat!

However, unfortunately for us all, there is no single hint about any additional information including release dates, gameplay or supported platforms. There’s also no indication whether this new game will conform to the so much accustomed Angry Birds setup or not. Check the teaser provided below and do not hesitate to express you expectations about something PIG that is coming!


David Rafuse said...

Gotta get this sequel "like"


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