Apple Announced To Be The World’s Second Most Valuable Brand!

For those claiming that Apple is struggling hard without Steve Jobs- we have good news- according to the Interbrand’s 2012 global brand rankings, the brand value of Apple increased by 129% in the past year, from about $33 billion in 2011 to $76 billion this year! The brand’s overall value is estimated by analyzing each brand’s strength relative to others in its industry as well as the role that the brand plays in consumer purchasing decisions and the company’s financial performance.

The increase Apple experienced is the largest in the list, and appeared to be enough to shift the brand from the 8th position to the 2nd one – now Apple is world’s second most valuable brand, following Coca Cola in the list!

Apple managed to leave some big names behind, including Google, Microsoft and IBM. The report by Interbrand notes: “Despite Steve Jobs’ passing, consumers’ emotional connection to the Apple brand remains stronger than ever – this was made clear just recently with the launch of iPhone 5. Even in the face of increasing competition from rivals Google and Samsung, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to protecting the Apple brand and its intellectual property.”



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