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Lightning Connector Authentication Chip Copied Successfully - Cheaper Third-Party Products Surface

If you track our posts carefully, you should already be aware of Apple’s decision not to let third-party manufacturers produce any official docks for the iPhone 5 by maintaining a tight grip on Lightning authentication chip. However, a Chinese accessory supplier has gone one step further and cloned a full dock-plus-cabling solution!

Despite the fact that Apple has not yet officially authorized any third-party companies to produce their own variants of the Lightning cable, it seems the market will soon be hit with cheaper, thus fully functional Lightning to 30-pin Adapters, which is yet available only in the Apple Store for a fair $29. This news isn’t really a positive one for Cupertino Company, but is a definite win for customers who will now have a chance to pay less for Lightning cables and a dock, regardless being an unofficial one. The price tag for the dock is just $19.90 and the jazzy looking USB-to-Lightning cable that plugs into the back of the dock will also cost $19.90 standalone. So users are able to get the full set for $39.9 at the moment of typing. However, the prices vary from time to time…

The manufacturer claims to have built the accessories by the official controller chips that have been bought directly from Apple’s very-own suppliers, so we should assume that despite not being an original one, they should keep up complete compatibility.