iPhone Sales May Be Banned In Mexico

Being widely popular and one of the fastest-selling device almost all over the world, it seems Apple’s smartphone is not quite welcomed in Mexico. With the slightly different scene, Apple has recently lost a court case in the country, possibly imposing a ban on the iPhone sales in Mexico. The whole falling-out is due to the striking phonetic similarity of the name iPhone with iFone - a Mexican telecommunications company which registered its name in 2003 - almost 4 years before Apple launched its first iPhone.

Despite stopping the telecommunications company from using this name, iFone fought back against Apple for reimbursements and may even end up receiving heft amount of the company’s revenue- the recent rumors claim the number may even go up to 40% of the revenue generated by iPhone sales in Mexico.

With the requirement to stop using the name “iPhone” in Mexico, it seems quite unlikely that Apple will change the name of their trademark product just for executing sales in the country. The fact is that till the agreement is reached between the two companies, Apple cannot continue selling the device in Mexico. The Cupertino Company is expected to apply the court of appeal, as the reports suggest Apple was refused when tried to reach a settlement with Mexican telecommunications company about the argued name.



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