Warning - iOS 6 Allowing Passcode Bypass!

Here’s a security alert to all the users who run iOS 6 on their iPhones- a way has been found to bypass the iPhone's Lock screen passcode once more, thus this involves a complicated series of button pushes and screen taps to basically put the system into apoplexy. However, as long as it is confirmed, no matter how complex the process is, you should be aware not to become a victim of losing some important data.
Here’s what the Jailbreak Nation reports:

“Today, we discovered a method to bypass the passcode lock on any iPhone running the newest software update iOS 6.1. The method is a bit complicated and will allow access to the phone application. While hitting the home button will re lock the phone, the exploit does have potential to snoop through peoples contacts and make calls.”

It's not the first time defenselessness in the iPhone's Lock screen passcode has been discovered. Apple is likely to fix this vulnerability bug in their next update, as it has done in case of similar bypasses before. However it is important not to forget that bypassing your passcode requires physical access to your iPhone, so the first tip for your secure smartphone usage is not to leave your device without attention, or never hand it to anyone for long, who may use your data for own cruel intentions.



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