Apple.Com Ranking 8th In The World’s Most Popular Web Property List

The recent survey of the world’s top web properties has recently been issued, demonstrating that, which ranked the world’s eleventh most-popular web site last year, climbed to the #8 slot, replicating the increasing popularity of Apple gadgets in the post-Jobs era! With the 54 % increase in the number of hits compared to last year, managed to leave big brands behind, including Wikimedia, eBay, VEVO and much more. By comparison, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft sites lead the top three with sixteen, thirteen and 6 % gain, respectively, followed by Facebook (up twenty percent) and Amazon sites (up 27 %).

It should be noted that Mobile hits include all smartphone and tablet platforms and desktop includes audience reached via video. The normal property within the Top 100 enlarged its viewers size by an average of 38 %, and 19 of those properties had incremental mobile viewers that extended the access of their desktop audiences by at least 50 %. 

The full top 50 rankings provided below demonstrate that the properties with the greatest incremental percentage gains from mobile were Groupon (223 %), Zynga (211 %) and Pandora (183 %). 


Anonymous said...

Very interesting table. Apple with Pandora are in the first/second place talking about mobile-only viewers. But mobile audience incremental leaves better impression: zynga, pandora and groupon are the leaders. Mobile audience is growing so fast.


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