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iOS 7 Concept Visualized

With the upcoming WWDC 2013 coming up in few months, the world is hoping to see the next iOS version with some major changes.  The prospect of seeing iOS 7 has expectedly caused a wave of rumors and speculations, and has led to the creation of several impressive mockups which are presented below.

Mohamed Kerroudj, the designer of the concept has shown off a drastically revamped Lock screen, the action bar at the bottom that reveals Settings toggles, and a renewed calendar and the Camera app. The second part of the concept takes the new UI deeper, into both the Calendar app and what looks like a Status bar widget for the iPod app. However, take this with a grain of salt and don’t expect to see any major changes to iOS this year, or anytime in the near future – remember that creating a mock-up is much easier than adding the features actually to iOS 7.

Check both videos provided and do not hesitate to have your say in the comments below!