Apple iPhone 5S Production Reportedly Being Prepared

We’ve already reported that the screen of the next iPhone was preparing to enter production, ahead its suggested launch date in June. This time WSJ reports that Apple is gearing up to begin production on the iPhone 5S with an eye on a potential summer launch for the device, with sources close to the matter claiming the upgrade to the current iPhone 5 will be similar in in scope to the 4S's improvements on the 4 . As for the though details regarding the 5S's potential specifications, they were not made available at the time.

Moreover, the rumors claim that Apple is looking to launch the next version of its OS sometime in mid-2013, forcing some to speculate that the 5S might be the leading device for the upcoming iOS. Provided the company has recently been under stress to meet the pace set by its rivals with rapid fire product launches, It seems quite likely that Apple would decide to get a new product into the public eye sooner rather than later.

The Cupertino-based company thus far declined to comment on the rumors; although there has been some speculation about an August launch for the iPhone 5S for some time. 


Wood iPhone Cases said...

It seems that Apple is rushing the 5s to potentially launch something great in Q3. Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs, it seems to me that more rumors are leaked towards new products. Could it be that we actually see the Apple TV or even the heavily rumored iPhone Watch. If we remember the launch of the iPad Mini out shined everything else that was launched that day: The new Mac's and iPad 4.


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