iPhone 5S Launch Delayed Due To Manufacturing Issues

Recent reports claim that Apple is struggling to add new tech to its upcoming iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2. The higher-density displays for the next iDevices are creating production challenges, and as a result, the products are experiencing possible delays – this might mean that oft-rumored iPhone 5S July timeframe may be violated.

Moreover, Apple’s been reported to desire including fingerprint scanning technology in the next iPhone product. Apple has supposedly been hell-bent on comprising the security tech to push as a big feature in its next iPhone since purchasing AuthenTec for $356 million last July, but the reports claim that the coating material under the cover glass of the current iPhone is causing interference.

Apple has also been reported to be struggling from the casing of its fabled lower-cost iPhone which might be another reason for the suggested delay. The sources reporting about the problems have appeared to be accurate with Apple knowledge previously, so it seems the delay should be taken seriously. Despite the fact that iPhone 5 was just launched last September, following iPad mini in October, Apple fans still strongly expect Apple to unveil follow ups during this year’s WWDC, planned for June 2013.


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Great article thanks for sharing

Bwcmobile said...

Can't expect from a brand like apple that they are facing any issue with Manufacturing. I assume that they are best in every field


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