Upcoming iPhone To Feature Display With Twice The Pixels Of iPhone 5

Regardless the previous rumors claiming the next iPhone to experience only functional changes with no design alterations, the latest speculations claim the iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6 (whatever) will feature a display with nearly twice the pixels of the current generation. The source of the rumors is the Chinese website claims the next iPhone will coincide with a move toward a narrower bezel.  This means Apple is upping the size of the display marginally to accommodate those extra pixels while keeping the same body as the iPhone 5.

The currently latest iPhone 5′s Retina Display sports 730,000 pixels and the next-gen iPhone is suggested to carry 1.5 million! However, if the size of the screen remains the same, this would equal to almost 500 pixels per inch! While the increased pixel density would certainly look nice in marketing materials, it’s more realistic that that Apple would save a major improvement in the iPhone’s display. With Cupertino Company being full of surprises, nothing is out of the question anyway. 

The next iPhone is said to appear in few months, with all the signs pointing towards sometime early fall release date. By then, do not hesitate to share your own suggestions of what else the next iPhone may feature – voice up in the comments below!


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