Get Your Best Virtual Friend With iPal For iPhone

Who says only humans make a great friend? You can have a pet animal for the best friend or better yet, a virtual friend! Find the most reliable companion can stick with you through thick and thin in your iPhone!

iPal by SomeFace will give you the best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend you’ve always wanted. Imagine having a virtual friend that lives in your smartphone and one you can customize to have the look and trait you so love. Everything is in your control including your joy and your best friend’s loyalty.
Studies have shown that having friends is important in life. Friends have also been found to be beneficial to a person’s health and in fact, they people lead longer lives.

So what can you do with your iPal Virtual Best Friend and what can it do? Plenty, of course!

Create its appearance
Send you greetings daily and on special occasions
Provide daily horoscope
Give wise advice
Offer interesting facts
Share jokes and funny stories
Give you a surprise gift in the form of a fortune cookie
Play Tic Tac Toe and Checkers anytime
Give you a call at your designated time

Many of us want a constant companion whether at work, at home or wherever we go and getting iPal is the best gift you can give yourself right now. With the app installed, you’ll have a virtual friend that can stick with you through thick and thin and one you can customize to have the look and trait you so love.

Get iPal: Your Best Virtual Friend  from apple App Store now and have a great life ahead!


Anonymous said...

...a friend thats always there 4 u. Pretty kewl stuff! It is easy and fun to use.

Aiklen clerk said...

really it is good knowledge for the iphone it is connected to friends It is easy to use.


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