Apple To Be The Second Biggest Smartphone Shipper

With the market share still remaining to be the popular metric to calculate among other metric calculators, IDC reports that Apple shipped 31.2 million smartphones. This means the company is the second largest smartphone shipper, holding a 13.1% slice of the customer pie! The extract from the report reads:

“ Apple posted its second-lowest year-over-year iPhone growth rate in almost four years as some buyers presumably held off on iPhone purchases in advance of an expected next-generation device launch this fall. Nonetheless, the 31.2 million iPhones Apple shipped last quarter was impressive as its flagship iPhone 5 model, which has been in the market for three quarters, was faced with additional global competition in the form of Samsung's Galaxy S 4 and HTC's critically-acclaimed One models. Apple's growth is likely to accelerate globally assuming it launches a lower-cost iPhone and continues to penetrate prepaid markets in the quarters to come.” 

The top spot is held by Samsung with 72.4 million units shipped, for a 30.4% share. Surprisingly, LG rounded out the top three with 12.1 million and 5.1%. Comparing these data to the previous year, Samsung moved way more units, while Apple moved more units than this time last year.  We should be optimistic for the following year, with the Apple introducing the budget iPhone, that’d definitely help the Cupertino company increase its market share.


iPublisher said...

Maybe Apple will retake some marketshare with the introduction of an "iPhone Lite", as can be read in this article.

iphone apps development said...

ya it's true apple to be the giggest smart phone


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