Apple's Lower Cost iPhone High-Resolution Mockups Now Available

With Apple being heavily rumored to be planning a  lower-cost iPhone launch, the recent news add some details to the earlier speculations, suggesting that the device will come in multiple colors and a plastic shell. The images suggest that Apple will be adopting the bright colors it used for its iPhone 4/4S bumpers. According to the reports, here's what rear shells from the lower-cost iPhone in yellow, red, and green may look like.

As for the physical features, they  are very similar to those of the iPhone 5. However, there are some differences too, including the volume buttons, which appear to be shifting from the round design seen on recent iPhone models to pill-shaped, and the speaker and microphone holes placed along the bottom edge will also see a simpler design compared to the iPhone 5. 

The flagship iPhone 5 S is expected to be launched later this year, most likely around the same September-October timeframe seen the past two years. The  lower-cost iPhone is likely to offer more affordable options for consumers, particularly in markets where carrier subsidies are uncommon. Check the mockups provided below and do not hesitate to express your thoughts in the comments!


Judi said...

I'm assuming this phone will be cheapened in every way. Apple needs to think about the carriers with it. I have iPhone 5 and sadly I am on Sprint. We can hardly use our phone DUE TO SPRINT. Sprint should not be a carrier of a cheaper iPhone. I wish Sprint wasn't a carrier at all.


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