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What’s New In iOS 7 Beta 4 – 7 Most Noticeable Changes

Apple has just released the fourth beta of its latest iOS. iOS 7 Beta 4 brings multiple important changes, some of which are detailed below.

What catches the eye first is the renewed lock screen, which is no longer so darn confusing. Apple changed the up arrow for Control Center to a flat bar—that way you don’t slide up when trying to unlock your phone.

The next change is HDR button, which is moved in Camera app and is no longer hard to find.

The phone buttons have changed the shape- the call/answer/decline buttons in the Phone app have been squared off a little more.

Full first name and last name initial are used in conversation thread, as it’s demonstrated below.

You can now swipe between Notification Center panels, while you used to have to tap at the top of each panel.

Shuffle and download all songs- these two options return to Music app the way it’s shown on the image below.

And finally, Siri has some more suggestions for you.