No Siri For iPhone 5C?!

Among many questions around the iPhone 5C, the biggest is how Apple will prevent the lower-cost phone cannibalizing sales of the iPhone 5 and 5S. For those unaware, 5C is the rumored name for the mid-market plastic iPhone planned to launch on September 10thevent.

Analysts suggest that the answer to the question marked above is to limit sales of the 5C to emerging markets. Apple could make it available in India and China, where price is a much bigger barrier to iPhone acquisition, and withhold it from North America and Europe. Although this makes sense, it seems extremely unlikely and an approach Apple has never taken before.

According to another theory, which does not seem that much unlikely, suggests that the 5C will omit a key feature of present-generation iPhones: Siri, which was not an option on the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 upon launch. This will avoid self-cannibalization of devices. The logic is that Siri is it’s a core feature of the iPhone, and one that most existing iPhone owners and intenders would not want to sacrifice. So this will be an easy and a massive way to differentiate between the top ranked iPhones and an entry-level model.

Despite the fact that sources initiating the rumor have been wrong in some previous cases, we should not exclude anything – even a dead clock shows right time twice a day. What are your thoughts on the low-budget iPhone with no Siri? Do not hesitate to voice up in the comments!


Friendship SMS said...

You know, many people say Apple iPhone doesn't have many features which other Android features have. It is very simple. Apple doesn't give many features, but the limited features which it gives is excellent. The phone, software, user interface, hardware is just amazing. Please do understand that whatever Apple does there is a strong reason behind it. There is a reason why the iPhone is sealed with respect to changing of battery or memory card is concerned. They feel it is not the job of the user to see or check or change the battery or memory card. Yes it is expensive, but what you get is an amazing piece of engineering and art combined together. The quality of Apps is really very good. Every single App before being approved will be tested by Apple strictly as per Apple standards. After that only they will be approved. Right now, there are more than 9 lac Apps are there on App Store, but they have rejected 4 times of that. This is not the case with Android. Apple is brutal with quality. They never compromise on quality, never. I have used iPod touch, Mac Book pro and currently iPhone 5, trust me it's great..:)

Charise Kuss said...

Yes it is true that Apple gives extra ordinary feature... It doesn't matter that one of the feature is not present in it. I think this is done by apple because of some strong reason.


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