Extra Power and Storage Brought to iPhone 5/5S By a New Space Pack

A new version of iphone case : Space Pack was released on Tuesday  by the well-known accessory maker company Mophie. This one case solves 2 of the biggest problems with your iPhone.
It can perform power and capacity at the same time. Mophy announces that it gives a chance to iphone users to keep more photos, music, videos and other iOS 7 apps on their devices. Space Pack not only charges phones on-the-go, but adds up to 32GB of extra data storage accessible by iPhone or computer. To provide full battery charge and storage the case connects to Apple's iPhone 5 or 5s via a removable bottom.
The cases also come with the free app Space, which allows the user to organize local files without offloading them to their computer.
The Mophie Space Pack isn’t cheap. They are available for preorder, 16GB model costs $149.95
And 32GB model costs $179.95 . you can preorder Space Pack here. On march 14 each will be discounted.



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