Playing YouTube music on your iPhone , with the screen off

Most of us use YouTube as our main music player source. There’s wide variety of music you can search and listen to, but there’s one problem during the listening to music on your smartphone : you can’t switch off the screen ,while the video is playing because it’ll stop.
But we will show two ways how to keep your music playing without staying in the YouTube  App.
You can use some sharing features off YouTube  app if you use it on your IOS device.
First select video you want to listen, then tap the image showing share, it’s at the bottom of the screen on the right side. After that select message from the options it will take you to the message app , where you are free to run continued playback music on YouTube and you can turn the screen off.
By using Safari you can listen to the YouTube without being in App . By this method you can even check your email, text or do whatever you want on your iPhone , not talking about the fact that you can switch off the screen  while listening. Instead of using YouTube App use the Safari Browser and go to, then choose the song you want to listen, finally  up the Control Center and press the Play button in the music player.



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