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Best Smart Home Apps for iPhone & Apple Watch 2017

best apple app for home automation

Would you love to be able check-in on your house from your iPhone?

The home automation market is constantly growing around the world and there are now more devices than ever. We started talking about it back in 2009!

There are tons of beneficial reasons why you would want to control your home, or kitchen appliances, remotely.

You can for example:
  • Set your oven to heat up when you’re on your way home,
  • Turn the lights on during your dark walk home,
  • Switch the heating off if you get that overwhelming feeling that you accidentally left it switched on.
We know that some of the smart hub devices don't come cheap, but they can really make your life so much easier.

If you own an iPhone, you are potentially in the best position possible for home automation, as there are hundreds of apps out there on the official iTunes Store to help you.

Here are some of our favourite smart home apps for either the iPhone or Apple Watch.

IFTTT Applets

In terms of innovation for the home automation market, IFTTT home automation applets are certainly leading the charge.

IFTTT is a free web-based service which connects various gadgets together to generate new actions and responses. They calls these applets nowadays, but used to call them recipes.

You can keep the actions simple, like turning your lights on from your phone, or make them more complicated and unique.

For instance, you can:
  • Set your coffee machine to turn on when you wake up, by connecting your Fitbit and a Belkin WeMo plug.
  • You can co-ordinate your Nest thermostat with the Yahoo Weather app so that when it reaches a certain temperature outside the heating switches on or off.
  • Hilariously, you can even set your Phillips Hue lighting system to turn your lights purple when it rains outside, thanks to a connection between the device and the Yahoo Weather app.
With IFTTT Applets and the clever people behind them, the sky is the limit.

Applets are available for many popular services such as Spotify, Amazon Alexa and Hive, as well as social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. IFTTT has an app for both the Apple Watch and the iPhone which you can download from the app store.

Get it on the Apple app store here.

iPhone Home App

The iPhone Home app is the easiest introduction to smart home devices. It comes pre-installed on all new iPhones.

It officially launched with iOs 10 in September 2016 as an extension of the HomeKit app, which used Siri to control lights and other smart home products.

The introduction of the Home app means that you no longer need to use various third-party apps as you did with Homekit, so it streamlines the functionality of your phone.

A quick tutorial and checking out Apple support official device requirements and compatibility will take you through the basics, so the Home app is one of the best ways to get acquainted with your smart home before you move onto the more complicated apps. was one of the first smart home apps to be developed for the Apple Watch. You can see how it works in this demo.

It allows you to keep an eye on your home simply by glancing at your wrist. You can check that your security system is activated, that your doors are locked, the garage door is closed and your lights are switched off.

It uses location technology to know if you leave your home without locking up, and you can set up reminders, triggers and alerts to keep you up to date.

Get it on the Apple app store here.

Lutron Caseta Wireless

Whilst it’s great to be able to switch your lights on and off from your phone, the Lutron app for Caseta Wireless does so much more.

You can control the shade and temperature of your home as well as dim the lights. The Lutron Wireless system works seamlessly with LED lights, making it the ultimate energy efficient investment. (Thanks Lelia from First Lighting for the heads up on this one)

In the event that you leave your home with the lights switched on, you’ll be sent a notification and you can switch them off with a single tap on your Apple Watch or phone.

Get it on the Apple app store here.


Ecobee was one of the first smart home systems to offer support for the Apple Watch, so it’s still a big player in the smart home device market.

The app is designed solely to manage the temperature of your home, so you can adjust your Ecobee thermostat remotely in accordance to outdoor temperature and humidity levels.

It gives you readings from temperature sensors throughout your home to create an accurate estimate of how the thermostat is operating. You can find out more in their FAQ's section.

Get it on the Apple app store here.


The Loxone Smart Home app is designed to give you control over every aspect of your smart home as a result of one app.

You can control your heating, lighting, security and much more.

There are several different modes available to make the app more functional: room mode lets you adjust all the devices within a certain room and the Autopilot mode lets you create different events and actions. The app easily syncs with services like Spotify, as well as Wallbox so you can set your electric car to charge remotely.

This app is great for homes with multiple smart devices.

Get it on the Apple app store here.

Withings Home

Just be aware you will need the Withings Home HD camera for this app, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

The app is available for both the Apple Watch and iPhone and is a premier device for controlling the security of your home.

You can get a live stream of the camera straight to your watch to keep a watchful eye on everyone from pets to people.

You can condense the whole day’s footage into a few seconds, and there’s even a lullaby function to soothe babies which can be activated from the app. Find out more details on functions available at

Get it on the Apple app store here.


Insteon is an affordable option to create a smart home and it works perfectly with the Apple Watch.

You must purchase an Insteon Hub and connect it with your watch/phone, but once you have done that you can control lots of things remotely.

You can dim the lights, turn on ceiling fans and view a live stream of your security camera. You’ll also receive push notifications straight to your wrist, so you never miss anything important. Having a smart, connected home is one of the benefits of modern society.

Who doesn’t want to be able to control their lights, heating and electronic devices from their phone?

One of the perils can be deciding which system to go for, so do your research and ensure that the app works well with your phone.

Get it on the Apple app store here.

Need an example of how this all works? Check out this video from an Apple fan who has probably installed the most home devices in his 1870 property than anyone else. You'll get to see an example of how cool this to do round the house.