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iPhone Unlocking Software - Myth or Reality?

Creating a cool device like iPhone is of course a great thing. However, urging users to use services of a particular company is not nice. While there is nothing illegal with Apple's choice of AT&T, I believe it is not ethical. Customers must have a freedom to use the device with any of the carrier of their choice. Hence, it is not a surprise that the race to unlock iPhone began from the very first day the device was launched.

While it is already possible to unlock iPhone at a hardware level, no software existed until now to unlock the miracle device. As a matter of fact such software might not exist even now but at least two different videos that have hit the web recently show that there is a software that can unlock iPhone.

In the six-minute video posted on the blog, John McLaughlin, founder of Uniquephones demonstrates unlocking an iPhone with a software from his company.

A company called also claims to have the first software-only unlocking method. Moreover, was the first to show it to a credible third party, an editor of

John McLaughlin has not posted the method on though. A phone call from an AT&T Wireless representative was more than enough to keep him from doing so. John McLaughlin could earn a fortune by selling the software but even if makes no cent on it, the software will spread quickly throughout the web. That's why I don't believe in artificial restrictions. People will always find workarounds.

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