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Old Code Problems in a New iPhone

Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators was the first person to crack Apple's much hyped iPhone. The vulnerability was found in an old, buggy part of the Safari browser, in the old Perl Regular Expression Library (PRCE) in Webkit. The regular Mac OS X Safari as well as the Windows beta version of the browser were also at risk.

I have been using the Windows beta since its release. While I had noticed a number of bugs, I could not assume the software had such a severe problem. So if you use the Safari browser - whether on a Mac, PC, or iPhone - be sure you update it with Apple's just-released patches.

This incident with iPhone once again makes me think that in computers there is no such a thing as absolute security. All systems are vulnerable and all systems have bugs. However, it is important that the developer quickly reacts to eliminate security problems (Apple was very quick indeed).

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