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3G iPhones Are on the Horizon

Wireless chip and DSP sector analyst Will Strauss of Forward Concepts claims that 3G enabled iPhone is already on the horizon.

An announcement from Apple is expected anytime, even during this week. Apple may announce the Wideband-CDMA 3G capable version of the phone as well when it finally reveals which operators it has chosen for the European launch of the handset. Though, Strauss is uncertain whether the iPhone's 3G baseband chip would also include the higher-speed HSDPA capability.

Will Apple make the same "thunder" in Europe that the company has made in the USA? Difficult to say. However, it is very likely and expected. At least Vodafone expects so. As a counter measure, on 10th of September, Vodafone launched an unlimited music download service MusicStation. Hurry up Apple, hurry up or iPhone's music magic may get deluted in Europe in the shade of MusicStation. The latter has a library of over 1 million tracks from the major music publishers.