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Fully Unlocked 8GB iPhone Arrives on the Shelves

Now anyone can purchase fully unlocked 8GB iPhone with a single click of a mouse. As claims, the device is unlocked for any GSM operator in the world. Moreover, ships phones to almost every part of the world. Sounds tempting? No doubt. But wait, I've got some bad news for you.

Bad news number one is that the price is quite high. Yes, it's almost $1,300 without shipping fees. Did you expect anything else? Maybe uncle Steve's $500 iPhone offer sounds more attractive now? Well decide yourself what is important for you. Spend additional $800 or join the overnight campers at the AT&T stores waiting to sign freaking contracts?

Bad news number two is that disclaimer applies, which says:

This i-Phone has been unlocked for use in any GSM provider in the world. Please note that we can only guarantee the unlocking for as long as you don't upgrade your version of firmware from Apple. Apple will re-lock the mobile when you upload upgrades to your i-Phone and will not be responsible for the re-unlocking of your device.

This means that, well you know what this means. As soon as you will need to upgrade the firmware, your iPhone will stop working and will become just an iPod :)