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iPhone's Euroinvasion

iPhone's invasion in Europe continues. Soon after a simultaneous debut in the UK and Germany on 9th of November, iPhone will be launched in France at the end of November.

France Telecom's Orange is Apple's "chosen" in France. Analysts speculate that Apple has demanded a 20-30 percent share of service and voice revenues generated by iPhones in return for exclusive sales deals with telecoms operators. (I will talk more about Apple's strategy, which I think is one of the best devised by anyone in business. So stay tuned and check the blog frequently).

It is not clear at the moment what iPhone's price will be in France. However, it is safe to expect it to be in a 269 - 279 euro range, pretty much the same as it costs in Germany and the UK.

It's indeed ineteresting to see how iPhone will do in Europe. It has become the most successful and top selling smartphones in the USA. Will it make the same miracle in Europe?