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Welcome to UK iPhone

"We dated a few people who we didn't get married to, so there are a few unhappy girlfriends out there." said Steve Jobs revealing Apple's iPhone partner in the UK.

I've always been amazed with Jobs' showmanship. He always does something that nobody else can. The show must go on indeed but what is really happening behind the curtains?

First off, the price of the device, £269, is by no means cheap. Additionally, the iPhone users in UK will have to sign up for an 18-month contract, at a minimum price of £35 a month, giving us a £900 for owning the mircale device.

Competition is already there. Nokia N95 is alredy a better choice. But iPhone has something that no other device does. It is usability and the very features that make it iPhone.

However, it is viable to assume that by the holiday season, offers from other companies will become more tempting and lucrative and many customers will look at alternative offerings. Will iPhone win Britons' hearts? We'll have to wait and see.