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Jailbreack Your iPhone

The iPhoneSimFree team has finally managed to break through Apple's latest firmware in order to unlock the iPhone for use on other carriers.

The unlocking software, SimFree v1.6, is available through various resellers around the world. And there is good news for those who have already purchased the previous version of the hack. Previous iPhoneSimFree software owners won't have to pay for the upgrade.

Freeware unlocking software has quickly put commercial hacks almost out of the game. However, with the release of 1.1.1. iPhone firmware, the commercial hacks are still in the game and as expected iPhoneSIMFree was was the first team to release the hack.

I believe iPhone users are now more confident that one way or another, either commercial or freeware unlocking method will appear. So, no matter what Apple does, after a short delay, users can still enjoy using iPhone with a carrier of their choice.