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iPhone Changes Mobile Industry

iPhone is not only the next cool gadget but it's a device affecting the whole mobile industry. The effect the device has on the industry will be more visible in Europe. Let's bring a couple of examples.

The lack of 3G is a serious disadvantage in Europe. No 3G means that many Europeans will find iPhone's Internet access quite slow. But Apple would not have been Apple if the company did not know how to eliminate disadvantages. The company has already made agreements with hot spot providers in the U.K. and Germany. So, iPhone owners can use the speedy wireless Internet networks for free. Being able to use WiFi for free is even better than using 3G. Well done Steven.

Even with free WiFi access, there will be moments when consumers in Europe will have to resort to GPRS accees. However, Apple has done a great job in this respect as well. U.K. operator O2, which begins selling the iPhone today, has created its first unlimited data plan for iPhone owners. Now iPhone starts to be more and more impressive for European users.

To sum up, Apple is pursuing even more aggressive marketing campaign in Europe. This was expected because the competition it faces in Europe is tough. Will these actions make iPhone the best selling device in Europe? Frankly, I don't know. Selling 125 units per minute, which Apple enjoyed in the USA in the first 36 hours of iPhone availability, runs on a verge of miracle. But we'll soon witness if the Cupertino company makes a bis in year.