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Is iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Update Fake?

It's no more a secret that iPhone is a huge marketing and PR campaign. As a matter of fact, Steve Jobs has done a magnificent marketing job to promote the device. Please don't get me wrong, iPhone is a really cool device, wonder of the year. However, I firmly believe that without Apple's well thought-out and clever marketing strategy, the device could not have become what it is for now.

It looks like that some blogs are trying to resort to different tricks to attract more visitors and they are especially active for a holiday season.

In the previous two posts we talked about the 1.1.3 firmware update and the photos and the video demonstrated by GearLive.

A couple of minutes ago I came across a very interesting post on the Industrial Design Supersite claiming that the update demonstrated by GearLive is fake. Frankly, the author brings a couple of very interesting points strengthening his assumption. According to him, he is 95% sure that the update is fake. To be correct, the updated demonstrated on the GearLive site is fake.

I recommend you to check that article. Even if the author is wrong, you will still enjoy reading it.