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Two New Jailbroken iPhone Apps

The New Zealanders as Polar Bear Farm announced two native applications for jailbroken iPhones capable of running third party applications. The programs, referred to as ShowTime and Search, allow users to capture video and search through contact information, respectively.

ShowTime, which is still in development, is capable of capturing video at a 320 x 427 resolution at six frames per second and can record up to five seconds on the unlicensed version of the software and an unlimited amount of video for licensed users. The video is captured in a raw, uncompressed file format. Future plans for the program include allowing for a higher capture frame rate and a post process option to transcode to a standard video format.

Search, the second program, allows users to search through contact lists on the iPhone by beginning to tap out search criteria such as a name, company, position or notes filed on the contact. Users can also search through iPhone calendar events by entering an event’s name, time, location, etc. into the search engine. The program can also help sift through events entered into the iPhone’s calendar program, helping to locate a specific event months down the road without having to tap through weeks or months of events as part of the location process. Polar Bear Farm says it would like to include complete contact information, physical addresses, contact pictures and other data in the returned results, localization for international users and possibly a more generalized/Spotlight style search style.

The programs have no cost, but the company is accepting donations via PayPal. If you’re in San Francisco this week, you can see Polar Bear Farm at booth 4030 in Moscone West.