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Would You Risk Your Life for Your iPhone?

Stories about people with iPhones doing weird things keep coming. As you can recall, there was a man who was on a plane and nearly got arrested because of using his wonder device onboard. But that's really nothing in comparison to Bijan Rezvani's story.

The guy was in New York in his holiday and suddenly dropped his iPhone onto train tracks. What would you do in such a case? Well, let me guess. If it were a regular device, you would just regret and forget, and would start looking for a new device. Yes, most people would do that but not a crazy iPhone owner. Moreover, when such a cool device is your first phone you may do everything for it.

Rezvani jumped between the electrified subway tracks and started searching his iPhone. Heroic action indeed. Mr. Jobs, this man deserves a medal of honor. But wait, have I forgotten to say that his iPhone was unlocked? Yes, it was unlocked and an NES emulator has been happily living there too.